Rainy Season Short Story

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Tyres came to a screeching halt as I hurriedly got down from my bike.
“Don’t you have a rain coat with you?” – A voice exclaimed. The voice belonged to an elderly woman in her late sixties. She was a resident of a nearby flat.
“Ah, No I never thought it would rain so heavily today!” and took shelter as quickly as possible.
I removed my gloves and placed it on the shoe rack. Fingers became numb and I wasn’t able to bear the stench emanating from my fingers as the pair of gloves was completely soaked. Slowly, I walked towards the gate and enquired her “How was the day?”
“Nothing interesting, Usual stuffs”, How was yours?
“The day was good, it is even better now as it is raining heavily. “
Ah, who loves rainy season? “We are facing acute power
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A few people took shelter under the tree.
Only a few people will love rainy season. A tingling sense of joy occupies me as soon as I see dark clouds.
Rain brings joy, perhaps only to a few. Cold breeze gave me a tender caress.

I closed the window as the downpour intensified. Rain drops looked like tiny beads on the glass window.

Suddenly, I heard a loud shrill. Took the keys, opened the front door and went looking for it. As soon as it heard the footsteps, it stopped making the shrill sound. I kept looking for it. I wasn’t able to find where it was laying. Not knowing what to do I sat on the stairs .After a while, I heard it again.
This time I was profoundly happy as I did figure out its place. It was camouflaged with the color of brown shoes spiraling itself like a coil.
It was shivering unable to bear the drop in temperature. I wondered how it landed in my apartment.
“Did someone put it here or has it lost its mother?”
Not knowing what to feed, I opened my mobile and asked one of my friends.
“Hey, we have a cute little visitor in our apartment Can you advise me what to feed?”
Luckily she was online.
“It won’t have anything except milk. Try to adopt it, but I don’t know your

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