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Tori Collins English III Mr. Conway 29 September 2016 Summary of How to Raise a Bottle Calf In Backwoods Home Magazine Jackie Clay wrote an article explaining how to raise a bottle calf. In the article Jackie explains most all details about getting a calf and owning a calf. Starting with the prices of calves and moving down into breeds to consider. The last thing Jackie talks about is dehorning and castration of the calves. Raising a bottle calf is cheaper now than it was twenty years ago Jackie explains. Buying a calf can be cheaper in the long run than buying meat and milk in a grocery store she says. A calf can cost around $55.00 now days. When a calf is sold after growing a year or two it can sell for $500.00 to $800.00. However, Jackie…show more content…
She says to know what the calf is going to be used for before buying the calf. If the calf is going to become a family milk cow she suggests a good choice would be a Jersey, Guernsey, or Milking Shorthorn. These are smaller breeds known for their docile temperaments. The Holstein is the most common dairy cow around Missouri. Jackie says a Holstein may produce a lot of milk, but it is not as creamy as the smaller breeds. Jackie also explains that just about any breed can be used for either a family milk cow or a beef cow. Before buying a calf everything should be set up for it so when it is brought home it is a quick transition to the new life. Housing a calf is very important; there must be a dry place for the calf to stay because dampness is the enemy to calves Jackie explains. She also says a calf can be raised in a ten by ten stall with a fenced in area outside for it to play and get exercise. A bottle with a nipple, the facilities being used, and milk replacer must be ready for the calf. Jackie says it is a good idea to keep electrolytes on hand just in case the calf gets sick with the scours or…show more content…
Make sure they have hay, grass, and grain to transition over to other than a bottle. The article also states to cut the calf down to a bottle a day and eventually none at all. Handling the calf a lot Jackie says can make life easier. This way the calf will be used to humans when it is older and be easier to handle when it is grown. The last thing Jackie explains in her article is dehorning and castration. She states that she believes a family cow should be dehorned. At a young age is the best time to do this. Castration of a bull, as well, should be done at a young age. This is important to Jackie because she says the bull can become rambunctious to the point of being dangerous towards the family. In this article “Bottle-Raise a Calf” it explains to readers how to raise a bottle calf. The writher Jackie Clay emphasizes on prices, breeds, shelter, feeding, and weaning calves. Jackie claims that with a little work and dedication there could be a freezer full of meat and a sweet milk cow at the

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