Raise Minimum Wage Essay

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Minimum Wage Needs to Raise Its Minimum A Mother and her three kids are homeless. The mom is handicapped and cannot get a job, and the government isn’t paying her enough to for a family of four to survive, so the oldest kid is forced to get a job. He gets a job, but he can only get paid minimum wage. Even working full time, he cannot support his mother and two siblings. They are now forced to go to a shelter where they will live their life in poverty because minimum wage is only $7.25. Many people in The United States fight poverty every day. Even though Minimum wage is a good starting pay, it is not enough to sustain an average lifestyle for a family of 3. Therefor minimum wage needs to be raised. If minimum wage is raised, poverty levels would majorly decrease in the United States. Not only will lower-class be positively affected by this change, but middle-class will gain advantages from this too, as well as some disadvantages. Not only will this help people already working minimum wage jobs, but it will fill up jobs that do not have enough people in it, like jobs that no one would do for $7.25, but would do for $15, such as an Animal Slaughterer, or a Sewer Pipe…show more content…
Think about it, you can’t expect to get paid $15 an hour right when you start a job. You have to earn a promotion to get $15 an hour, maybe even a few. Now the argument is that minimum wage is to low, when you’re missing the keyword, minimum. Of course companies are not going to want to raise the minimum, companies have minimum wage jobs so they can hire mass amounts of people, and get a ton of people doing the same or different jobs. If we raise the minimum wage, not only are jobs going to be lost. But middle-class is not going to be so middle class any more. What really happens if we raise minimum wage, is it doesn’t affect the rich people, but it definitely affects the middle-class, considering that 's where a majority portion of the money is taken
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