Scarlet And Black Film Analysis

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Scarlet and Black” In the past, discrimination against women has been widespread and deeply rooted in China. For example: “foot-binding”, “Lack of talent in a woman is virtue”, and “male superiority to female”. These are the past men’s right society to women’s oppression and restraint. The film is adapted from Su Tong’s novel Wives and Concubines, the title of the film is called Raise the Red Lantern, which is obviously from the title we can see the impact of color. In inherit and spread the purport and style of the original work, and through Zhang’s unique visual effect and the massive historical culture, reflects the feudal family “polygamy” internal war, infighting life scene and the corresponding principle of live. As we all know,…show more content…
In the female chorus of no words, band, Peking opera percussion is an alternative unconventional combination. Music beyond the film in thought and artistic aspects, to a new realm. The film begins with Peking opera to create a strong historical atmosphere. The intense drumbeat brought the audience into the rhythm of the film. In addition, as the film which one of the old rules: the sound of “hammer feet”, but also indirectly as a film soundtrack by the director. About the sound of “hammer feet”, on the one hand, let the mistress that have no red lanterns to listen, to express a desire to “hammer feet”. On the other hand, let the audiences to listen. While listening to the sound of the “hammer feet”, observe each mistress’s inner activities and ideas, and bring the audiences into the expression of the mood among the director. The beginning of the wedding music, the sound of the “hammer feet” and the singing passages of the Mei Shan (the third mistress), everywhere reveals sad and desolate, indicates the inevitable tragedy. Finally, the film tells audiences about the next summer: Mei Shan has been forced to die, Song Lian also become a lunatic, and the fifth mistress will have same fate. The red lantern is hanging; fate ha been set. But they are just a scene in other’s eyes (Neo,
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