Raise The Red Lantern Analysis

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Scarlet and Black” In the past, discrimination against women has been widespread and deeply rooted in China. For example: “foot-binding”, “Lack of talent in a woman is virtue”, and “male superiority to female”. These are the past men’s right society to women’s oppression and restraint. The film is adapted from Su Tong’s novel Wives and Concubines, the title of the film is called Raise the Red Lantern, which is obviously from the title we can see the impact of color. In inherit and spread the purport and style of the original work, and through Zhang’s unique visual effect and the massive historical culture, reflects the feudal family “polygamy” internal war, infighting life scene and the corresponding principle of live. As we all know, Scarlet and Black is a masterpiece in the world. The title of this article quotes the name of the masterpiece, because I think the two colors that I am introducing in the movie are red and black. The whole film highlights the status of the red lanterns, including the movie name and picture. But by…show more content…
Maybe director want to tell us that these women have no spring, they always live in the cold season. No sunshine, just the red lantern. “Never the sun”, from the beginning to herald, this is a tragedy. The only scene: Old Chinese Courtyard. It is like a big cage; each mistress’s moodiness can only be here to expressed. The mean of the director: these women will never escape from this cage, and can never get rid of feudal society system. Mei Shan was escaped, but her end was to be tied back. Escape the cage of the woman has the most tragic end. Song Lian want to approach the sky, which is also a symbol of the freedom. But freedom is a luxury foe each mistress in this courtyard, and they can not get it. Because freedom is a “stumbling block” to their lives. For them, death may be the only way to leave here, and also is ultimate
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