Raisin In The Sun Ambition

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The American Dream is the pursuit of happiness and the ambition to be successful. We can see the pursuit of the American dream in the play, A Raisin in the Sun. The Younger family is full of dreams. I agree with theatre manager, Ali Leskowitz by saying that this play charts the quests for success and happiness to achieve the American Dream. They are striving for their happiness and have an ambition to better their economic situation. The play starts off with a hectic morning in the younger family. Ruth the wife of Walter tries to wake up Travis. The first thing Walter asks Ruth is if the check was coming in today. Ruth replies by saying that its supposed to come tomorrow. The check is an insurance payment that is given to Mama because her husband…show more content…
As soon as she gets home she tells Travis that she bought a house. A house for the whole family but when Travis becomes a man it will be his. When Walter hears the news, he gets very silent with a straight face. He then tells Mama that he has nothing to say because it was her money and she could do whatever she wanted with it. He then states, "So you butchered up a dream of mine—you—who always talking ‘bout your children 's dreams…"(95). This was when we knew how upset and furious Walter was with his mother. He was confident that his mother was going to give him the money to establish his business. Walter also seems to be disappointed with his mother because he thought Mama cared about his dreams. Three days pass, Walter hasn 't shown up to work. He tells Ruth that he has been traveling around in a car and thinking about life. When Mama comes home she tells Walter what she really did with the money. She goes on by saying that she put 3500 dollars to the house she bought and the rest is to be decided by him. Mama gave Walter the money so he can decide what to do with it. She wanted half of the money to be for Beneatha 's school. After hearing this, Walter…show more content…
This play charts the quests for success and happiness in order to achieve the American Dream. For the Younger, the American Dream was to find happiness and have a stable life. I believe that they were able to achieve this. Even though Walter had bigger plans for the family; they were still able to achieve what they wanted. Walter 's ambitions to have a successful business were decent but he didn 't have enough of the knowledge to make it work. The family still strived for their happiness by buying a house. We see the happiness in Ruth when she says, "GOOD-BYE Misery… I DON 'T NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR UGLY
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