Raisin In The Sun American Dreams

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A Raisin in the Sun, a play by Lorraine Hansberry is about a black family in 1959 Chicago, is all about aspirations. It focuses on the American Dreams that people have in their life. In this story, it focuses on the different dreams of each member of the Younger family as they discuss what they can do with a $10,000 life insurance payment. This story is based on the idea that anyone can do well for themselves if they work hard and actually try to strive for the goal. The American Dream differs for each member of the Younger family because each one has different dreams forged from their life experiences. By the end of the play, all three characters see the American Dream as keeping the family together and having the self-respect to stand up…show more content…
Racial prejudices against blacks in that era and a low income are the root of conflict in the family. The family worries about Mama's decision to move the location of their new home. The family has hesitations about moving to an all-white neighborhood, allowing the separation between the two races to persist. Karl Lindner overtly states the racism present within the area. He says that the Youngers that they are not wanted in the white neighborhood because of the color of their skin. Mr. Lindner a man from the neighborhood comes to the Younger house trying to convince them to not destroy the white community, telling them it’s not a place for a family of their color and he tries to offer them money. The family, mainly Walter, thought it was a good idea to take the money and use it for bigger and better things. But after they thought long and hard, they all realized this is not what will make them happy. Money is the root of all evil, and those taking the money would only satisfy them for a short amount of time. The family being together is what they realized they all wanted in the dream, especially if they wanted to live the American Dream. In the story, the family basically lost everything but each other. They ended up moving into the house, because it was what was best for them. This act of standing by your family to achieve the American dream of succeeding no matter who you are and where you come from
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