Raisin In The Sun And Cloud 9 Analysis

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This essay will focus on two plays; Raisin in the Sun and Cloud 9, and how the two different dramatic structures create meaning for the context provided in the pays. Raisin in the Sun is a well-made play, a reflection of society and dealing with real life social issues. Whereas Cloud 9 has a postmodern structure, which goes against modernism and a well-made play, deconstructing and breaking away from metanarratives and master narratives. The essay will compare and contrast the two different plays, and also discuss the meaning each play attempts to portray in their contexts. The first play in focus is the play Raisin in the Sun. the play follows a well-made play structure, with a linear storyline. The play uses the Freytag pyramid structure.…show more content…
From analysing the play, we are introduced to a family of five; Lena Younger, Walter Lee Younger, Ruth Younger, Beneatha Younger and Travis Younger. In the exposition, the main conflict comes to light when the money from their deceased father’s insurance money gets delivered to the family, and each member wishes to use the money differently. In the rising action, Mama Lena gives Walter the money after Walter goes on a three day drinking binge after the disappointment from mama. Mama gives in, in realisation that Ruth is pregnant and they need the money to take care of their growing family. The climax of the story is when Walter Lee rejects the money offered to him by Mr. Lindner to remove themselves from the white neighbourhood. If Walter had to accept the money off, the family would remain where they live and not progress in life, or so move into the white neighbourhood in hope of receiving greater joy and opportunities in progressing their current living conditions. Falling action in the pay would be the growth of Walter Lee, and how has become considerate and compassionate towards the family’s needs and desires regarding the money. Each family member has an idea of what to do with the money. Due to Walter’s consideration, Mama Lena believes that Walter is becoming a man. The resolution is the development of Walter’s character, and how much growth is seen in him throughout the play. Walter develops from being a proud and power-hungry man, to becoming a man of principle and fairness. Each part of the dramatic structure gives meaning to the play. Without each moment, the story would lack development and
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