Raisin In The Sun Movie Comparison

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Storytelling has been a part of people 's’ lives since the beginning of time. It started with just verbal communication, then it was written, and now there hundreds of ways to tell stories. Movies and books are two very different ways to tell stories to an audience. A story can be a book but not a movie or vice versa. Many books are made into movies but lose major elements in translation. One of these examples is in A Raisin in the Sun. It was originally a play written by Lorraine Hansberry in 1957 but became a movie in 1961 and then remade in 2008, which was directed by Kenny Leon. While the play and the movie follow the same storyline there are many elements of the play that got lost or added when making the movie. The movie adaptation of…show more content…
In the movie there were many different settings compared to the one setting in the play. The film adaptation of A Raisin in the Sun takes the viewer to many different settings such as the Younger family apartment, the Green Hat bar, Mama’s workplace, various places on the street, the market, the hair salon, and the Younger’s new home. Each of these locations are mentioned in the play but there was never any scenes set in those locations. In the play A Raisin in the Sun, everything happens in the living room or kitchen. “The YOUNGER living room would be a comfortable and well-ordered room if it were not for a number of indestructible contradictions to this state of being” (page 23 Hansberry). The closest that the play gets to leaving the living room and kitchen setting is walking out the the door into the hall or yelling out the window. “(TRAVIS appears in the hall doorway, almost fully dressed and quite wide awake now, his towels and pajamas across his shoulders. He opens the door and signals for his father to make the bathroom in a hurry)” (page 27 Hansberry). The two different versions of the same story differ because of the settings that they each have. While the play is set only in the Younger apartment, the movie has many
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