Raisin In The Sun

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“Progress is impossible without change,” Irish playwright and polemicist George Bernard Shaw once said. In order to move in a positive direction, we sometimes need to accept change. After watching the movie, A Raisin in the Sun, viewers can walk away, satisfied with the beneficial changes made to the film. Without question, movies are almost always better than the book. The movie, A Raisin in the Sun, is much better than the book because the added scenes helped the viewer have a better understanding of the characters and the time period. In the movie, opposed to the book, Ruth goes to the salon, “She Beauty,” to have an abortion. This scene is necessary to the viewer to show Ruth’s grief and suffering. For example, viewers have the chance…show more content…
However, in the movie, the director takes viewers all around the city. This is advantageous to the movie because it allows the audience to experience how run-down and poor the city is. It adds another depth to the movie. As an illustration, viewers get to see Lena and Walter go to work. They both work for a rich white family. This additional scene paints a picture of the social class during the 1950s. Viewers can tell that white people were usually much richer than black people. Furthermore, in the movie, unlike the book, the director allows the viewers to accompany Walter to the “Green Hat.” This permits viewers to see just how bad a state Walter is in. There are multiple scenes in the “Green Hat,” and they all show how Walter truly is feeling. He is trying to drink his life away. Viewers would not be able to grasp that concept without seeing Walter in the “Green Hat.” Finally, just seeing the city the Younger’s live in makes the movie a lot better than the book. Viewers are able to to see how unsatisfactory the Younger’s city is. It is run-down and graffiti infested. There are no nice houses where the Youngers live. The scenes of the neighborhood return to the fact that the Youngers are very poor. Unlike the book, the movie captured scenes outside the apartment. The addition of these scenes added another depth to the
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