Raisin In The Sun Quote Analysis

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Damn these eggs damn the eggs there ever were!!! In the play The Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry Walter one of the main characters is unbelievably rude, ignorant, disrespectful, selfish and everything in between, to his entire family To start off with he doesn't listen to his wife Ruth about how to parents their son Travis when Travis asks for money for school. Ruth doesn't want to give is to him because she insists that the family doesn't have it to spare. “What you tell the boy like that for? Here son- (page 12)”. This quote explains the evidence because it shows that Walter totally disrespected Ruth’s words by giving his son money. Not only did he give Travis the amount of money he wanted but, he gave him more. This made Ruth very upset because she felt like whatever she said it went through Walter’s left ear and out the right. Walter just…show more content…
Walter: Mama . . . I never went to the bank at all . . . “Mama: You mean . . . your sister’s school money . . . you used that to . . . Walter? . . . Walter: Yessss! . . . All of it . . . It’s all gone . . . (page 102)” This quote perfectly explains why Walter is rude to his family because when he got the money he was suppose to give some to beneatha and put some in the bank. Instead he gave all the money to Willy Harris. Then Willy took the money and bought the liquor store without asking or even telling Walter, Now you have a more reasons to show why Walter is very very rude and ignorant to his family. The last reason why Walter is rude and disrespectful to his family is when mama came looking for him and found his at the local bar. She sat down with his and starting talking to him about everything like his life, how he has a good life and what kind of changes that need to be made. Once mama starting talking about money doesn't matter Walter totally disagrees with her. Mama: Son--how come you talk so much `about
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