Raising Cane's Business Analysis

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Raising Cane’s has a unique story and intriguing story. Everything all started by a college student, Todd Graves, and a business assignment. He was assigned to make his own business plan. Todd turned in his plan to open a business that served only chicken fingers. His professor told him that his plan would never work, and gave him a low grade. Todd Graves did not let his professor bring him down with negativity. Todd took this as a challenge and started working 24/7 to earn money to start his business. He even went to the extreme of working in Alaska on dangerous jobs. He eventually had all the money he needed to start his first restaurant. He bought a building right outside of LSU’s campus. Todd and some buddies started renovating and as they were, they noticed a mural on the wall. This mural became the base of Cane’s logo. During an interview of Todd Graves, it states, “Baton Rouge, LA based Raising Cane’s chicken fingers, which now has more than 70 units in 13 states and does $125 million in annual sales,” (Berta). This business that everyone thought was bound to fail,…show more content…
They offer fresh white meat chicken tenders, crinkle cut fries, coleslaw, tangy delicious Cane’s sauce and garlic buttered Texas toast. The menu is limited. A current canes employee stated, “A reason for that success says Dover, who started his job last July after stepping down as Chief Executive of Metromedia Restaurant group, is that the company focuses on what it does best and makes sure it does it well,”(Thorn). Since they have such a small menu they can provide fresh food, quickly. When going to Canes you will always receive a speedy fresh hot meal from an enthusiastic employee. Canes has one love and that is too serve the best chicken fingers around. Cane’s employees are able to put all their effort into making all foods fresh and delicious. Canes may not have a big variety to choose from but the service makes up for
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