Raising Driving Age

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Driving is a process of one person who controlled the movement of a vehicle like car, truck and bus. Not everyone is able to drive one of these vehicles, only who have license can drive and called driver. And to get license, you should reach the minimum age of driving in your country. There is minimum age driving less than eighteen in some country but the minimum driving age of most country in the world is eighteen. For example, the country that minimum age driving is eighteen never allow to people take license before complete eighteen years. Every year, more than 5000 teens die due to car accident so upgrading the driving age gives meaning and would reduce accidents. However, driving age should be raised to twenty in order to benefit both the personal interest and community interest. Personal interest is the primary reason why driving age should be raised to twenty. So the teenagers are the main benefit because of many reasons but unfortunately they would take subject of raise driving age as a punishment. Raise driving age would save teenagers lives. Expects said that teenagers brains are not completely progress until the teenage years passed so they would not take driving seriously and they never think that they may have death accident in the beginning. For example, when the teenager start driving, his driving will be unsafe because he does not have the ability to understand how dangerous it is. In other words, teenagers should be more mature and trustworthy to deserve
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