Raising Homelessness In America

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There are over 600,000 homeless people in America today. This has become a big issue over time that needs attention. No one likes to see people in need, struggling to make a living. Homelessness in America is constantly being talked about, but no one makes a move to help all of those people who need it. There are a lot of problems that come with homelessness, such as finding a way to fund this project, how are the homeless going to be helped in the meantime, and how are they going to be assisted after they find decent homes. Although there are multiple issues and questions that may arise about how the nation can assist the homeless, there are also answers that can be put into place. The first problem that the government may run into is how…show more content…
Raising money to lower homelessness in America would not necessarily be a problem if people took it seriously. Homelessness is often overlooked due to the outstanding amount of money it would take to help the homeless. Though it would probably take a few years, getting the money to help them is possible. Another problem American may face as we help assist the homeless is that we do not know how to help them in the meantime. For example, we do not want to keep the homeless on the streets as we raise the money to help them, so we need a solution. Of course there are many homeless shelters around local communities, but they sometimes do not accommodate everyone. It is usually first come, first served. Therefore, a lot of people may be locked out of the shelter, forced to sleep on the cold pavements until the next day. If the government could find a way to build big enough facilities to place every homeless person or family in, that would be ideal. Of course, that would take money. Another idea is that the government could require that some restaurants help homeless people out at the end of the day since most homeless people do not know where their next meal will be coming from. That way, they do not have to constantly

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