Raising Minimum Driving Age

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You hear that many states have increased the age at which teens can begin to drive, raising the minimum driving age from 16 to 18 years old. Who would want to experience their first time driving at the age of 18 when it 's better to start at 16? I disagree with the new rule because teens would have to wait longer, you would always have to ask for a ride, and at the age of 16 many teens are cautious and mature enough to drive. As a teenager myself i wouldn 't want to have to wait until I turn 18 to drive. Many teens want to go places with their friends in their own car without having their parents driving them around. If the state legislature passed the rule we wouldn 't even be considered teenagers anymore, we would actually be adults by the time we first started driving. At the age of 16 many teens want to have a little more freedom, if we…show more content…
Why give them gas money when you can be driving yourself to the places you want to go? My parents don 't always want to take me where I would like to go so it would be easier if i was able to drive myself, that way I wouldn 't have to dependent on them for a ride. You wouldn 't get the chance to experience life if you always had someone driving you around. In addition, many teens are cautious drivers and mature enough to be on the road. Some teens may be careless when it comes to driving but others are very safe and responsible. If you raise the driving age it would just take the excitement out of someone who is eager to do things on their own. The rule would leave a lot of people stuck in the house instead of enjoying life and experiencing new opportunities. I would hate to not be able to go anywhere because I couldn 't drive myself or nobody would be able to take me. With that being said, the state legislature should not pass the rule of raising the driving age from 16 to 18 years of age. Teens would have to wait longer, you couldn 't go anywhere without asking for a ride, and you
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