Raising Minimum Wage In America

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Americans below the poverty line are demanding for increased pay in their minimum wage jobs. Although with the increase to fifteen dollars an hour, many Americans would be left jobless pushing them farther under the poverty line increasing the wage by over half would harm the country’s economy more than improve it. Minimum wage workers want higher wages for the work they provide, but inflation, unemployment, and businesses closing will only cause more issues for Americans. The disadvantage to raising the pay for minimum wage workers is inflation. As the workers earn more money, the product they provide increases in worth. Large companies such as McDonald’s and Walmart charge more money for the products consumers buy due to the increase in labor cost (Hawkins). The consumers will have more money from their minimum wage jobs, but products they wish to purchase will cost more leaving the workers at the same place they started. Due to The United States’ supply and demand economy by raising the minimum wage the dollar will decrease in value. Large corporations will not cut their company’s profit or their own paychecks to pay employees more. Inflation will ruin the increased wage.…show more content…
The United States thrives on a technology based society. Many restaurants and supermarkets will opt for a self-service checkout to cut cost for cashiers and waiters. An estimated 500,000 Americans would be jobless with the increase to 15 dollars an hour (Gray, 38). Half a million. Jobless. These jobs will be replaced by technology or eliminated due to cost. The cons outweigh the pros in increasing the wage. American’s with fifteen dollar an hour paying jobs will soar above the poverty line, but half a million will be left without source of
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