Raising Minimum Wage In The United States

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Throughout the years the United States’ economy has had to overcome many obstacles to get to where it is today, through good times and bad. One of the major topics that have been discussed for over the past decade is raising the federal minimum wage. This specific topic has been debated all up through presidential debates and congress meetings to where even voters are influencing their governor votes on rather if they will fight for raising the federal minimum wage or not. The desire to increase the federal minimum wage has been gaining momentum throughout the years “as a way to alleviate rising wage and income inequality”, especially within this past presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Neumark). Many states have already raised the minimum wage by their choice, but doing this to the rest of the country through law…show more content…
The person that is head of the house is most likely in a career that is not relied on a minimum wage basis and went through scenarios that taught them what they needed to be able to make more profit than the bare minimum. Today, if you build up and use good work ethics and follow the orders and guidelines to do an excellent job, benefits will come and one of those are raising up above minimum wage pay. If the federal minimum wage were to increase, teenagers today would rely directly on that bare minimum rate to make a living on instead of doing more with their lives and being able to afford more, though if they could get the job, due to other areas that would be affected by raising the federal minimum wage that will come up in discussion. Flipping hamburgers at a McDonalds would be enough for an adult or teenager looking for easy work for a lot of money that is not deserved for that kind of

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