Essay On Raising The Minimum Wage

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Register to read the introduction…Not only will increasing the minimum wage make it pricier for businesses to hire young, inexperienced workers, but it is also not stated in the constitution to allow such a thing for the government to handle. Boosting the minimum wage will not alleviate poverty, and there are plenty of alternatives to decrease the poverty rate. Also, by leaving the amount the minimum wage should be to the government and no the people. America is losing its freedom and changing its economic system. By increasing minimum wage, America would be hurting its people, not helping them. Therefore, raising the minimum wage is not a smart move for America. Increasing the minimum wage would hurt the jobs of America profoundly. First of all, if one looks at it logically, increasing minimum wage increases the…show more content…
First, by making a change in the minimum wage, America would be going against the constitution. Nowhere in the constitution does it state that the government can change the minimum wage, no matter the economic consequences. It is not the role of the government to enforce minimum wage, let alone a change it. The people who decide the amount to pay workers should be the employers, not the government. The Supreme Court cannot rewrite the Constitution, so Congress has no constitutional authority to even create a minimum wage. Second, it would change the economic system. Because the minimum wage is currently up to the government economists and bureaucrats who have to find a medium between happy living and unemployment, the economic system is practically becoming Soviet-style—taking away some of the freedom of the American people. The raising of the minimum wage should not take effect because it would go against a free society and warp the
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