Raising Minimum Wage Research Paper

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Many conclusions of research have stated that raising the minimum wage will unlikely ease poverty, while some states say that raising the minimum wage will help lower-skilled workers out of poverty. The minimum wage of the United States is $7.25 per hour. Most people start out with a minimum wage and eventually move to higher paying jobs in the future. Those who have minimum wage careers are usually mothers of young children, less educated, or live outside urban areas. Minimum wage increases have lead people to poverty, having a negative impact on society; therefore minimum wages should not be increased. Ronda Mattila stated that the minimum wage increases have a positive impact on society. She believes that the minimum wage is not at a living …show more content…

Estimation results show that increases in the minimum wage were ineffective at reducing poverty among single mothers. Many of these working single mothers were not affected by the minimum wage rises because they were already paid more than state and federal minimum wages. The single mothers who are less educated that were affected, did not see a rise in income because of the negative employment and hours effects. In the low-skilled population, a 10 percent increase in the minimum wage resulted in an 8.8 percent reduction in employment and 11.8 percent reduction in annual hours worked. In the long run of a rise in minimum wage, more people fall back into poverty rather than being pulled out of …show more content…

Although there are many ways to look at minimum wage, such as the increase and decreases, and how it will affects today 's economy it has both negative and positive effects. I believe that the minimum wage has an overall negative impact because whenever the minimum wage is increased it only makes more people recede into poverty when it is supposed to do the reverse effect. Minimum wage was originally made for people just starting out or a pay for low-skilled employees. I believe that if people can 't afford the stuff they need because of a minimum wage, then they should work harder to either get a pay raise or move to a higher paying job. This would not only help our economy grow but help people out of debt and poverty. If we could make these changes to the minimum wage, our society together would become more

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