Raising The Driving Age To 18 Essay

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Right Age of Driving In many jurisdictions there are many debates about, should the driving age be raised to eighteen from the age of sixteen? I strongly encourage changing the driving age to eighteen. I believe that legislator should consider driving age eighteen to keep people safer for three important reasons: safety, health and experience. One main reason behind raising the driver’s license age is safety. At the age of eighteen teens become more focused about their driving, they understand rules and regulations of driving very well. For example, sixteen year old may drive faster because his/her friends tease him/her for being slow. However, in this same situation an eighteen year old teen may have the maturity to consider safety …show more content…

It’s been proven over and over that the longer you learn and practice something, the better you’ll be. Lack of experience is the number one reason behind accidents. Sixteen and seventeen year olds have little experience in driving. Sixteen and seventeen year olds have not dealt with weather complications, construction zones, and animals on the road, so they don’t know how to react. I believe that by increasing the driving age teens would have more time to learn how to drive. However, there are many who oppose for raising the driving age to eighteen. One argument on this is that it would not be fair to teenagers who could have been able to drive, but due to raising the age of driving they have to rely on parents or other family member to go anywhere. Another reason they argue with this is, at the age of eighteen teenagers are ready to move foe college or job. So, if they got license before then parents do not have to worry about their kids. To sum up, there are plenty of consequences both positive and negative if the driving age is raised. There are many individuals who oppose rising the driving age to eighteen, but I urge them to do so for three main reasons: safety, health and

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