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Chola Kingdom With accordance to the Tamil tradition, the old Chola country comprised of the region which includes the modern-day Tiruchirappalli District, and the Thanjavur District in Tamil Nadu state. The river Kaveri and its tributaries dominate the landscape of the flat country that gradually slopes to the sea, uninterrupted by major hills or valleys. The river Kaveri, also known as Ponni River, had a significant place in the Culture of Cholas. The yearly floods in the Kaveri manifest for celebration, Adiperukku which was a festival, during which the whole nation took part. Kaverippattinam near the Kaveri delta and Nagappattinam as the most important centres of Cholas. These two cosmopolitan towns became centres of trade and commerce…show more content…
He is one of the greatest Emperors of India was popularly known as Raja Raja the Great and ruled between 985 and 1014 CE. Raja Raja Chola was one of the greatest sovereigns of South India, a brave conqueror and empire creator, an able administrator, a patron of arts and letters. It was during his reign that the Chola Dynasty started to emerge as a powerful Empire. He expanded the Chola Empire as far as Sri Lanka in the south to Kalinga in the northeast. Raja Raja Chola fought several wars with the Western Chalukya Empire to the north and the Pandyan Dynasty to the south. By conquering Vengi, he laid the foundation for the Chola dynasty. He launched numerous naval campaigns that led to defeat Sri Lanka, Maldives and the Malabar Coast. Conquests I. Sri Lanka conquest Raja Raja invaded ancient Sri Lanka in 993 CE. His powerful army crossed the ocean by ships and burnt up the Anuradhapura Kingdom. In 991 CE, the king of Sinhalese, Mahinda V mutinied with the help from mercenaries from Kerala. He had to seek refuge in the southern region of Ruhuna. Raja Raja utilised this opportunity and invaded the island. Raja Raja’s army occupied the northern half of Lanka and named the dominion ‘Mummudi Chola Mandalam’. Anuradhapura, the 1400-year-old capital of Sinhala kings was

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