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5 reasons that make Rajasthan an interesting travel destination in India according to Kurt993 .
According to me , Rajasthan is one of the most interesting travel destination in India . Rajasthan is a mixture of different travel experience , stunning forts , and palaces for one to explore. This state also secures cultural villages to involve a tour of arduous sandy terrains for an adventurous desert safari, and much more . Here I state five reasons that make Rajasthan an interesting travel destination in India .

1 ) Elephant Safari
Whenever I think of Rajasthan, the scenes of it’s historic past come in my mind . Elephants which are also the symbol of royalty . In a historical era, royals belonging to Rajasthan state used to travel through Elephants to reach their destination. According to me if you are traveling through Rajasthan and want to enjoy your stay and the royalty life of Maharajas of Rajasthan, then Elephant Safari breathes the way to go for it. No matter to which corner of Rajasthan you are traveling to, you can easily get an Elephant Safari. Elephant rides at Amer Fort of Jaipur is one such Elephant Safari
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It is the most adventurous way through which one can also explore the untouched corners of Rajasthan. A Jeep Safari in Rajasthan is truly amusing. It involves many least visited places by tourists which include tribal regions, historic forts and palaces, and historic temples of Rajasthan. Jeep Safari is a must to add to your itinerary if you are going to visit Rajasthan anytime soon. One can easily get a Jeep Safari from Shekhawati, Mandawa, Jaisalmer, and the regions around Udaipur in Rajasthan, as the rocky landscape, desert, and hills offer an incredible site view. Once you are in the jeep, remember you will never be able to forget this journey. All I’ll suggest is to enjoy the ride and urge the driver to be more

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