Rajen Persaud: What Makes A College Writer?

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College writing is demanding and differs greatly from high school writing. While both high school and college writing have to be grammatically correct and subjectively enjoyable college writing requires more skill and technique, which I have listed below. As a college writer, one is expected to prove that they have put some thought into what they are writing about by doing some research on the topic and incorporating the views and thoughts of other sources in the paper. It is important for these sources should be cited in the paper being written.
In addition, a college writer is expected to take an authoritative stance on the topic or subject being discussed through the use of words which communicate confidence and conviction in a particular point of view. It
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The reasons may be based on personal experiences, however, it is best to use factual research as reasons in support of the statement thesis to eliminate any bias that might be a result of the writer’s emotional opinion regarding the topic.
It is important for a college writer to motivate the reader to pick up and read their paper by stating why the topic is important. For example, in the book ‘Why black men love white women’ the author Rajen Persaud , explains why the topic goes beyond the differences in race by explaining that the topic is important because it highlights how women are sexually exploited by men for ultimate power. By so doing, the author gives readers reason to read the book.
As one writes in college, there is need to acknowledge the sources that the writer used in writing the paper. These sources must be clearly and correctly referenced at the end of the document or paper by including the author’s name, title of the book/ paper, year the paper/ book was published as well as the publishing house. If the college writer made use of an online source, it is important to provide a link to the
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