Ralph Abernathy's Impact On The Montgomery Bus Boycott

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Who is Ralph Abernathy? Rev. Ralph Abernathy was an important civil rights activist who made an enormous impact on the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He also made multiple contributions to the boycott along with his best friend Martin Luther King Jr. To me, Abernathy is important to this movement. On March 11, 1926 Ralph Abernathy was born and cared greatly about his education. Once Abernathy turned 21 he joined the military and was drafted into the U.S. Army during World War II. In 1951, after earning a M.A. in sociology from Atlanta University, he then became the pastor of the first Baptist Church in Montgomery. At the age 26 Abernathy got married to his wife Juanita Abernathy and soon had 4 children. When Ralph Abernathy turned 29 he became one
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