Ralph And Jack Character Analysis

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Lord of the Flies: Character Contrast In Lord of the Flies, Jack and Ralph end up being two leaders, that are different, yet very similar. Both boys have many things in common, such as their backgrounds, and athleticism. They also have many differences, such as ruling and beliefs. Jack and Ralph have are very different but are also very alike. These two gentlemen are English boys that know how to follow rules/order, yet only one of them maintain this. Jack and Ralph might come from the same background, but they are both very different in reality. Throughout the book Jack and Ralph aren’t the best of friends, but this division becomes bigger and bigger. Ralph wants to maintain a more civilized island kind of like his home, while Jack is wild and doesn’t really care what happens. For example, “ I ought to be chief “, said Jack with simple arrogance, “because I’m chapter chorister and head boy.””(Golding…show more content…
Although Jack and Ralph are very different, they also have a few similarities. For one, the both have a yearn for leadership. Throughout the book, they are both leaders or chiefs at some point, and they both love it. For example, “ Shut up,’’ said Ralph absently. He lifted the conch. "Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things."I ought to be chief," said Jack’’ (Golding 22). This shows that the boys both agree for once that their need to be some kind of leadership, and they both want that spot. Also, when both boys have a goal to reach, and won’t give up until it is reached. This is clearly shown for Jack whenever he keeps failing to kill the pig.For example, the book says, “We’ll kill it” (Golding 116). This shows that Jack had confidence in his group and knew that sooner or later they were going to kill something. This is shown with Ralph whenever he had the chance to give up his position as chief. He almost did because it was getting stressful but he didn’t. All in all, the boys are similar in their own way but do have their ups and
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