Ralph And Ralph In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of The Flies Close Read “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding is a story about a group of boys who fight to survive on a deserted island. In the story, there are two friends named Ralph and Piggy. The boys have two totally different personalities. Piggy is more of the shy and nerdy kid; while Ralph is wise and full of personality. Sometimes there differences in personalities can cause a heartache in their friendship. In the story, one of the boys named Jack starts picking on Piggy and calls him “Fatty”. The boys in the group laugh and mock Piggy. The text says that Ralph shouts, “ He’s not Fatty” , “His real name's Piggy!” This causes even more laughter and embarrassment for Piggy. Since Ralph said this, Piggy now feels betrayed because Raph is the only one who actually cares for him. Another good example is how Ralph protects Piggy from Jack. Besides calling Piggy out in the passage, Ralph is the…show more content…
A friend is suppose to help there friend, encourage them to keep their head held high, and keep secrets. Sadly, some friends can get left behind when the other chooses to go the popular route. This is a challenge for Ralph and Piggy. When Ralph decides to run for chief, he starts to pay less attention to Piggy. For example, when Ralph calls Piggy, “Piggy”, Piggy feels betrayed because he was just called out by his best friend. Another challenge is trust. It is clear that Piggy may not trust Ralph anymore after he called him a name. The readers know this because Piggy starts to clean his glasses and shows that he is quite upset and embarrassed. Besides there being challenges in a friendship, there are many rules. In Piggy and Ralph’s relationship, they try to help their friend when they need it. Sadly, Ralph decides to break this rule and leaves Piggy in the dust. After reading this, the reader may question whether or not Ralph is a true friend to
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