Ralph Flynn Case

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Ralph Flynn is a California man who has recently filed a lawsuit against his parents for using him as a sex slave after adopting him at nine years old from a Russian orphanage. Ralph and Carolyn have been arrested for several months and their trial will shed light on the many abuses faced by Ralph during his childhood and teenage years. Adoption is a very selective process but international adoption may be less so. Every parent in the United States seeking to adopt a child must go through many tests and surveys before being approved as financially, mentally, and physically fit to adopt a young child; this process is to ensure that every adopted child has a good home. However, this process and its extreme rigor may change due to the relevance of this crime. Ralph Flynn’s impact may be huge, and his effect will change the adoption process, child protection, and people’s perspective of abuse. The adoption process is already difficult, but the United States and other countries may see it fit to enact more regulation in the system for adoption. To avoid this type of situation ever again, adoption agencies may become more strict…show more content…
Ralph Fynn’s terrible childhood will leave him forever scarred, but he hopes that his actions will give others the power and strength to do so for themselves. His taking the stand is no ordinary trial, and it will hopefully lead to big changes in California, and the rest of the nation. I hope Ralph Fynn will be able to see his abusers receive the justice they deserve, and this will give him a sense of closure and wholeness, and help heal the wound that his abuse left him. This trial is very important and will have significant effects on our society. As tragic as this event may be, it may be worth it to see the perspective on abuse change during my lifetime, and these acts of cruelty begin to

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