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In the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of civilized boys are stranded on an island with no parental authority and soon they become uncivilized. One of the first things the boys do is pick a leader. They pick a boy named Ralph because they thought he would do the best job keeping them civilized. Throughout Lord of the Flies Ralph is mentioning wanting to get rescued from the island. All of the boys on the island have become less and less civilized as time went on but Ralph seemed to be just the same as when they crashed. When an officer lands on the island and offers to take Ralph and the other boys Ralph does not know what to say, Ralph does not want to be taken back to a civilized place because he is embarrassed about the…show more content…
“Only two. And they’ve gone.” When Ralph gives him the answer he is not telling the full truth, there were more than two boys that were killed. It is possible that Ralph did not mention the others because he was embarrassed of what they have become on the island. “Ralph nodded” Ralph is not answering the officer in words; he is just doing actions to show that he heard and understood the question. It is like Ralph is embarrassed to tell the officer how far they have drifted from the morals of a civilized community. Ralph does not want to admit to the officer what they have become so instead of using words and getting into detail he takes a shortcut by just nodding. “The officer leaned down and looked closely at Ralph.” Ralph started to answer the officer, but the officer is surprised with the answer given and starts to inspect Ralph more, as soon as Ralph realizes he goes back to nodding. This is what Ralph was scared of. He was scared that people would judge the way the boys have been acting and the people they have become from their time on the island without any adults. The amount of times Ralph has mentioned being rescued the reader would think that he would like to go back to his home and become more of a human again. But the reader can learn that Ralph is embarrassed of what he as well as the other boys had
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