Ralph Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, the character Ralph undergoes major change as the story’s protagonist. On an island with no adults or ways of communication the boys have voted Ralph as their leader, the lives of the boys in the hands of Ralph.The changes of Ralph as a main character does successfully support and assist towards the theme of savagery through civilization. Ralph blows into the conch, which attracts the attention of the boys. They gather as an assembly, the boys then are left to decide between Ralph and Jack as their possible leader. They pick Ralph, for he is the one who called them together they thought he should lead. “Ralph setup on a fallen trunk his side to the sun, on his right most of the choir boys;…show more content…
They turn on Ralph, when Jack is able to provide them with food while giving them the freedom to not be held down by rules. Most of the boys join him willing, Jack invites Ralph and the rest of the boys to join his tribe. Jack holds a feast from their latest hunt, the Ralph, Piggy and Samneric go to see what they have to offer. During the feast all the boys start to chant and cheer “Kill the beast! Cut the throat! Spill his blood!” (Golding 138). But for poor Simon who runs into the savage celebration, screaming. The boys see him as the beast which leads to a truly gruesome and animal like attack “There was no words and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws” (Golding 139). Golding uses this depiction of the savage attack on Simon, to imprint into the reader the sense of loss of reasoning, morals, and intelligence within the boys on the island. As the boys revert back to a neanderthal way of life, with no order or civilization to contain them. The storm washes away the remains of Simon, the following day Ralph realized what he was apart of. Ralph sets out to try to convince Jack’s tribe to join him once more, they are pushed away along with the groups last chance of civilization back on the…show more content…
It brought a sense of order when everyone gathered around to listen, Jack feared the day where it could bring order once again. Ralph tried to hold strong with the boys he had left, as the others left and discarded the original tribe to be hunters with Jack. Jack grew his own tribe on the foundation of one central power, which was himself. They started getting more and more violent to the boys in Ralph’s tribe. The the final line was crossed when Jack ordered his tribe to steal Piggy’s glasses, to start fires. Ralph and Piggy walked to Jack’s Camp and demanded the return of Piggy’s glasses. Without hesitation without pause, Roger unleashes the trap on them. The trap was a boulder when pushed would fall, Piggy who was blind and confused was struck and murdered. “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, darkness of man’s heart, and the pull through the air of truly a wise friend called Piggy” (Golding 184). Ralph and Samneric ran from the now advancing boys, they caught Samneric and vowed to kill Ralph. Jack’s growing fear was Ralph gaining back his power, so he sent forth to destroy the fear. In the process of blind rage and savagery they hunt for Ralph, they burn the island in search for him. They chase Ralph to the island end only to find the rescue that they so longed for. At the sight of an adult the boys are stopped in their tracks and break down in tears in shame. For at that moment they knew that the beast was in
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