Lord Of The Flies Leadership Essay

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When It Comes To Leaders In The Lord Of The Flies-- Ralph Is Better In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of boys crash on an island. After the crash the boys find one another and Ralph (one of the boys) is declared leader via voting and the opponent, Jack, is not too fond of the outcome. Jack starts his own lot, and majority of the boys go because Jack is fun; he may be more exciting, but Ralph is a better leader. Ralph earned the role of chief before his character is fully shown, but he is in the rightful position. Ralph is a better leader because he thinks about each of the boys and does his best to get them of the island. Ralph is a better leader because he takes all of the boys into consideration. When some of the boys were not found Ralph repeatedly asked about their whereabouts: “‘Where’s everybody?’ Piggy sat up. ‘P’raps they’re lying in the shelter .’ ‘Where’s Samneric? ‘And Bill?”(212). When Ralph cannot seem to find a member of his lot he gets immediately worried. Ralph does not only worry when a person is missing, he also thinks about a possible negative outcome. When Piggy wanted to go to Jack and ask for his glasses back Ralph did not want…show more content…
When Samneric are on watch they believe they see the beast so they go back to the camp to tell and Jack insists that they need to go and find the beast. “‘Let’s be moving,’ said Jack relentlessly, ‘We’re wasting time”(144). As soon as Jack finds out about the beast being seen ,the first thing he wants to do is go after it, trying to protect everyone. Yes, Jack is capable of protecting the boys better than Ralph, but is that all he plans on doing? Ralph makes many efforts to help the boys by trying to get them rescued; it seems like Jack is making efforts to help them on the island, not trying to remove them from the island in
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