Ralph Lord Of The Flies Power Analysis

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Power Struggle between Jack and Ralph Leading to the Division of the


By Esha

In the Lord of the Flies, a group of boys are isolated on an island. The Lord of the Flies

illustrates the community’s behaviour, going from a civilization to a savage civilization. Ralph, who

becomes the leader of the community and Jack, the leader of the choir, both have strong

personalities, which can sometimes be opposing. Jack and Ralph’s conflicting views lead to a power

struggle and division of the community.

Both Ralph and Jack’s, opposing personalities, show the power struggle between them. In the

beginning, Ralph is chosen as the leader, and the conch plays a big role in this and uplifts his status.

Jack’s sense of authority, when he marches in with his choir and
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Different things, help both Ralph and Jack gain and maintain power. While Ralph’s status goes

up because of the conch, Jack’s power increases by him winning the community’s views. In addition,

the conch represents Ralph and his goal, which is to create a civilization, through rules.

Correspondingly, Jack uses the pig’s head as an offering to the beast. This displays his control over

their fear of the beast and this act uplifts Jack’s power status. Jack converts their fear into power and

is able to win the view of the community. In the middle of the book, it is evident that both boys have

different goals. This can be seen, when Ralph and Jack fight about which is more important, building

protection/ shelter (Ralph’s opinion) or hunting for food (Jack’s opinion). The quote, “rules, rules, so

many rules”, illustrates his approach to survival, which is to hunt for food, while having fun.

Consequently, Jack’s goal is more appeasing to the young boys of the community, as well as some of

the older boys. This results in Jack gaining power over Ralph.

In conclusion, the rivalry that appears between Jack at the end of the book causes the
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