Ralph Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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A group of boys from Britain are being flown on a plane out of their country because a raging war has erupted and it was no longer safe. As they are flying the plane is shot down in the midst of the war and the boys go crashing down onto a deserted tropical island. The boys regather themselves and realized the situation that they were in. The boys quickly pick a leader and it is a character named ralph, as the story goes on there are many challenges the little group of boys face. Golding demonstrates the theme that we need civilization to tame the savage within us all in a variety of ways throughout the novel. While waiting to be rescued, the boys show how mankind needs civilization in order to tame the beast that lives inside of us all.…show more content…
Ralph, in order to remain civilized while on the island, starts one of their meetings by making a couple rules. One of these rules is in order for the boys to be able to talk, they need to have the conch in their hands. "If I blow the conch and they don't come back; and another thing. We can't have everybody talking at once. We'll have to have 'Hands up' like at school" (33). This quote shows how Ralph establishes the rules of the conch. The power of the conch keeps the children civilized in their meetings by keeping them calm and orderly. The group of boys are very obedient and respect the rules that are set by
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