Ralph Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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12 ego “…demonstrates that he too can be carried away by mad frenzy

(81). This furtherreinforces the role of Ralph as a human fighting against the forces of good and evil, female andmale, and rule-utilitarianism and egoism. On the one hand, Ralph understands that followingrule-utilitarian principles keeps them in order and in line with the outside world, of which theyare no longer a part. On the other hand, hunting is “ jolly good fun

(Golding 142). Thefrustrations of trying to get the group of boys to follow his orders become too much for Ralph to bear. “
Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood
” (69), the motto of Jack‟s hunters calls for hisegoism to abandon female utilitarianism and reason for the acceptance of the group‟s maleegoism. Furthermore, the male bonding between Ralph and Jack “ united in the joy of commondiscovery and experience

(Delbaere-Garant and Bloom 4) reinforces Ralph‟s concession to hismale egoism. He is also human and Piggy‟s rules and his own rationality bore him. Like any boy,Ralph wants to be a part of the group, to play and have fun. He knows what is right, but the boys‟ abandonment of society in the face of absolute liberty constantly taunts his
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Goldingfills his novel with symbolism of the struggles between good and evil, right and wrong, whichwork together to emphasize the importance of reason and regulation for the balance betweenboth sides. The symbolisms discussed in this analysis all work together to not only portrayhuman different types of human morality, but also the presence of sexism against females, whichlitters the entire history of mankind. Piggy and Jack represent the different components of morality, mainly utilitarianism as the female, logical side of each person, and egoism as themale, pleasure-seeking side. Ralph, however, symbolizes the moral agent, whose job exists
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