Ralph Moody's Little Britch: Moving To Colorado

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Has your family ever moved somewhere exciting, new, and different? That is what happened to Ralph Moody and his family, in the book Little Britches, when they moved to Colorado. In my opinion, the Moodys shouldn 't have moved to Colorado. In this paper, I 'm going to provide three reasons why they shouldn 't have made the regrettable move to Colorado. First, their move to Colorado resulted in many sad events. Secondly, Ralph would experience many close calls with death. Lastly, go through many painful trials while in Colorado. The Moodys shouldn 't have moved because of the sad things they could have avoided. A few years after their move, Ralph 's dad bred one of their horses; on his way home the horse would stumble, trip, and fall into a ditch filled with barb wire, with Ralph 's…show more content…
Ralph would also encounter many near death experiences while in Colorado. During one of the water wars, the crooks upriver, tried to kill Ralph 's dad; they shot at him, but the bullets came a lot closer to Ralph. Ralph would also almost drown trying to escape a storm. Lastly, Ralph was nearly trampled by Sky High, while trying to ride him. Once again, these near death experiences could have been avoided. Finally, Ralph encountered many painful things as a result of the move to Colorado. While mowing fields, Ralph was sent flying off of the mower, breaking nine of his toes. Also, during the first week of school, a second grader named Freddie beat up Ralph, all because his mother wouldn 't let him fight back. Another time at school, Ralph was forced to ride a hard-bucking donkey, was sent flying off, and skinned his face. These were avoidable painful experiences. The Moodys shouldn 't have moved because of the sad things that happened while in Colorado, the close calls Ralph would have, and the painful things that happened to Ralph and his family. This move greatly affected the Moody family, because if they stayed in New Hampshire, many tragedies could have
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