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Ralph Waldo Emerson was a pioneer for early American literature. Ralph Emerson was one of the first and most influential early American literature authors. Emerson developed a central theme that is found throughout American literature and film. Emerson highly stressed the development of the individual and stressed the shift away from conformity in society. This individualistic theme stresses the need for a man to shift his focus away from what society. Emerson strongly believes that individuality and one’s own morality should be formed to reject society’s opinion on morality and other ideas. Emerson stresses the need for someone to be self-reliant on himself or herself not on society. Emerson thoroughly states that in order to truly develop…show more content…
Emerson then moves on to state that people are lazy and easily give in rather than become self-reliant individuals. Emerson states that people give in to the desires and suggestions of society and fail to be independent. Emerson urges people to break free from this conformity in society. Emerson goes on to state that being an individual means that one will never be defined by any one experience. He shows this by saying “nothing can bring you peace but you. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles”. (135) in this statement Emerson announces that they nothing should define you but your own principles. People should not be influenced by what society offers, if people only accept society they will never have peace. The only way one can become and individual and have peace is to stay strong to ones values and follow the heart. Ralph Waldo Emerson introduced the necessity to become a self-reliant individual and to reject conforming to society. Emerson individualistic ideal and rejection of society becomes even more apparent as American literature progresses as authors continue to build of Emerson’s

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