Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essay: Twelve Years Of Medical School

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Twelve years of Medical School paid off. I have mastered my craft and soon enough started a family, built a house, and traveled around the world. With the help of mastering one thing I am able to succeed in other areas. This exert disproves Ralph Waldo Emerson 's assertion claiming that never going beyond something you master will lead to "you...never grow[ing]". I disagree with Emerson because throughout my life sticking with a couple particular crafts has made me the strong, independent, and honest individual I am today. By sticking with one craft, you will grow as a person and the possibilities of other experiences will follow. A cacophony of sounds sworn around me as I dribble the ball down the field. I push my way through the…show more content…
As you can see, even though I have always played soccer and never changed sports, I continually learn how to become a better individual everyday. Emerson is incorrect in his assertion because he says that no one will grow unless you go beyond something that you have mastered, but I have grown not only as a player but an individual by the help of a single craft. From Preschool to eleventh grade, I have expanded my education greatly. The main four subjects ever since I have attended Preschool have been: science, math, English, and social studies. Throughout my many years of schooling, all of these subjects have been the same with more and more information added upon them. By mastering these four subjects I am able to apply them to other experiences in my life. Education can be considered a craft because I work on it from day to day mastering all four of these subjects. With an education many doors open: jobs, money, volunteering, etc. This disproves Emerson 's assertion because education (mastered craft) can cause growth whether it be from jobs to amazing experiences. In conclusion, I disagree with Emerson because some individuals can grow without having to pursue something new. By already mastering something, doors to other opportunities will
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