Ralph Waldo Emerson's Influence On American Society

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If everyone in America conducted themselves, the way Ralph Waldo Emerson saw appropriate. It would have advantageous as well as detrimental results to our American society. There’s multiple ways it can work, there would be less Americans following the wrong footsteps of other people. Next there would be fewer arguments between individuals with opposing views. We would see a mass reduction in racism, homophobia and misogyny. On the other hand there are ways it could set our society back. There would be a reduction in charitable organizations. People would over populate many different professions and hobbies. Although the way Emerson thought the way people should act was ideal. I believe that to represent yourself in this manner, an individual would need life experience and an education. I believe that people would stop being influenced to follow the wrong footsteps of other individuals. Because what many people (mainly children) do in this day and age, is subject their minds to be corrupted, by individuals exposing themselves to physically and mentally harsh deeds. Even though maybe not intentional people do proceed to be influenced by these corrupted individuals, to then ruin themselves either physically or mentally. People would be too worried about bettering themselves and reaching their goals, to be…show more content…
I presume that these issues continue to be concurrent with Americans is because these types of people are over concerned with others and what they do with their life’s, that they don’t pay attentions to what they should be doing with their own. Commencing to adapt Emerson’s life habits would rid Americans of these “ cancerous” traits. Even if these life practices didn’t succeed in ridding people of their racist, homophobic or misogynistic ways, it would at least empty them of the need to express these terrible view points of
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