Ralpho Waldo Emerson: Stepping Outside Of Our Comfort Zone

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Once we step outside our comfort zone, we are able to let our true character evolve. Author Ralpho Waldo Emerson once said, "Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow." Emerson is completely right when saying this. The only way we can become a well balanced person is to do these things that we are not used to. Although it might be hard sometimes to accomplish these things, the effort that you put forth speaks more than the result. We do need to try something beyond what we have mastered in order to grow because it allows us to learn how to face adversity, and gives us the confidence to think that we can do anything. Stepping out of our comfort zone allows us to learn how to face adversity. We need…show more content…
He had been working so hard for countless hours all throughout the fall and winter and still did not get put on the lineup. He reacted rashly and basically quit the team. This is that adversity that we need to learn to adapt to because it is not good just to walk away. Doing things beyond what we have mastered also prepares us for these situations. When you have dealt with a problem before, it is much easier to deal with it again. The more we do something the more comfortable we become with it, and that is exactly what stepping out of your comfort zone will do for you. Stepping outside of our comfort zones also lets us gain confidence. Doing this, you are able to build up that "I can and will do it attitude." By working on our weaknesses, we can learn to believe in ourselves and to think that nothing is impossible. We also grow to think that we can accomplish anything. During Middle School, I really wanted to be on the baseball team, but I didn 't make it my 6th or 7th grade years. I stepped away from baseball for a little bit, and I started to lift weights. Even though I had really never done it before, it made me more confident in my baseball ability. That confidence led me to being a part of the team in my 8th grade
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