Ralph's Character Analysis: Lord Of The Flies

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Character name: Ralph Wheel (Power & Control or Respect) & trait: Using emotional abuse, using male privilege, role modeling, equality, personal growth Specific story event: Ralph is always the one ahead of everybody else. He is always thinking of a way to get off the island and survive. He makes all the decisions on what to do on the island, which angers Jack. Ralph was the one to find the conch shell, which is a symbol of power. The conch was used to summon all the boys together. Ralph participates in the bullying of Piggy, and he allows it to continue. Overall Ralph is an extremely respectful boy. At the beginning of the story, Ralph gives Jack authority and power, so there there is equality within the group. Also, Ralph never followed the idea of hunting, because he thought it was savage, but soon learns to appreciate hunting when a boar attacked the group, and Ralph kills it. Evaluation of Behavior (your thoughts): He very well uses his power and his good looks to become the leader. He shows much civilized characteristics compared to Jack. He always goes ahead of the group, and pushes himself to do something that he doesn’t want to for the greater good. Also, he cares for others, and wants everyone to be equal. Character name: Piggy Wheel (Power & Control or Respect) & trait: Minimizing, denying, and blaming, Trust, communication Specific story event: Piggy blamed the littluns for letting the signal fire go out, which was the signal to get rescued. Piggy shows concern
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