Ralph's Manipulation In Lord Of The Flies

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Have you ever noticed the tension between Tom and Jerry that was unspoken on but acted on ? Lord of the Flies , written by William Golding was written during The Cold War when revival bobbing started children where moved to rural areas to protect future generations of citizens . Ralph was a character from Lord of the Flies , he was approximately 12 years old and was the chief of the group . Britain tried to avoid a war with Germany ; Hitler broke the treaty agreement and war was set in motion around 3.5 million people were relocated . Ralph believes in order , uses his aggression to manipulate piggy , and controls things around him with common sense without the input of anyone else . According to William Golding Ralph represents leadership and believes order happens by using the conch to enforce the rules and show who has power . “ I’m chief ,” said Ralph “ because you chose me . And we were going to keep the fire going . Now you can run after food – ” (Golding 216). This statement shows that Ralph has a firm understanding that he is in control and the boys are dependent on him . He is needed because without him the boys would be lost with no knowledge of what to do step by step on the island . He was an adult figure position…show more content…
“ and if we have a signal going , they’ll come and take us off . And another thing . we ought to to have more rules . Where the conch is , that’s a meeting . The same up here as down there ” ( Golding 58) . This statement shows that Ralph is in control on the island . He is starting to put things into common reasoning such as the conch being where they would have gatherings also the idea to start a fire to attain being rescued . Ralph being in charge is actually beneficial to the other boys around him because he introduces them to reasonable acts taken as a whole to help them remain civilized and attempt being rescued
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