Ralph's Attituide Towards Piggy In The First Chapter Summary

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Chapter 1 1. What is Ralph’s attituide toward Piggy in the first chapter? Ralph is very mean to Piggy; Ralph mostly ignores Piggy, but he knows that Piggy has a lot of useful knowledge. Ralph moves away from Piggy whenever Piggy tries to come closer. 2.What is the significance of Piggy’s plea to join the expedition? Piggy’s plea shows that he wants to be part of the boys. I think he has been bullied before, so it was really important for him to be the part of group. 3.Why is Ralph elected chief? Because Ralph was the first one to gather the boys. Other boys felt comfortable with a person who could blow the conch. 4.Why is Jack unable to kill the pig? Jack was still a kid even though he was the oldest in the group. Taking a life…show more content…
They had lots of disscusions on the beastie and the fear towards the beatie was too immense for the boys. They were slowly forgetting about the outside world once the boy considered the dead parachutist as the beastie and not as a parachutist. Chapter 8 1. Why do the boys refuse to vote for Jack as chief but slip off to join him later? The boys were afraid to say no to Ralph. First, Ralph had authority; it was hard for the boys to go against him. Ralph was like a parent to the boys. It is really hard for a kid to say no to their parents. Second, Ralph ensured the boys that he would keep them safe. Jack did not make any such claim. If the boys went against Ralph, they were saying that they do not want to go home. However, the boys also could not ignore the fun and games with Jack, especially hunting. When they were not under the observation of Ralph, it was easy for them to sneak out and do things they wanted to do. 2. What does Jack tell his new tribe? Jack told his new tribe that they would invite others at their new camp. He told them they will make a fire because they need to keep their camp warm. He also said that he will give the pig’s head to the beast to thank for the hunt. Jack’s tribe was really barbaric compared to
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