Ramana Maharshi: The Three Types Of Citizens

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The task we have been assigned is a once in a lifetime experience. As the United States begins to colonize on the moon, we can remind ourselves of Ramana Maharshi’s words, “No one succeeds without effort. Those who suceed owe their success to perseverance.” In order to successfully colonize, we must establish a stable democratic government system, social areas where people can meet, safe, well built neighborhoods, good quality education, and plenty of work opportunities. The key to creating a safe environment is being able to identify what a good citizen is and how many of them we need. Therefore, my proposal is to bring one thousand citizens, proportionally divided into three types of citizens- personally responsible, participatory, and justice oriented.…show more content…
Document A says, “We want [our kids] them to persue their own well being, while also being considerate of the needs and feelings of others.” 600 personally responsible citizens would make a reasonable proportion of the 1,000. Personally responsible citizens are accountable, responsible, considerate, empathetic, and open minded. Participatory citizens take a more active role in bringing the community together for events and other social occasions. Document B shows that participatory citizens are willing to take the higher road and are very dedicated in what they do. For example, Sue Brady spent 50+ years doing what she loved, which was volunteer work for her community. She didn’t care if she was getting paid or not, she just wanted to help. Therefore, 300 participatory citizens is a great amount for the lunar colony. It will create a stable amount of citizens who are willing to take the extra step to help out in the

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