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The Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic about Suryavanshi (descendant of the sun) Prince Rama. It is one of the two most significant Ancient Indian epics. The second, being the Mahabharata. Scientific analysis tells us that the Ramayana occurred anywhere about ten thousand to twelve thousand years ago, and the Mahabharata between 1100 and 800 BCE. Long ago, the wise and benevolent King Dashrath ruled over the kingdom of Ayodhya on the banks of the Sarayu River. Ayodhya was a happy and prosperous land. The people there were peaceful and loved their king. Although Dashrath had three wives, he was unable to have children. The royal pandit Vashisht Rishi advised to perform a fire yagna and sacrifice to get granted boons. The fire god Agnidev…show more content…
All four brothers were intelligent, and well-disciplined. They all loved each other, but Ram and Laxman had a special connection. Once, Sage Vishwamitra asked King Dashrath to send Ram to defeat the terrifying demoness Tadika, who had disrupted the peace of the forest and the rishis’ fire sacrifices. Dashrath also sent Laxman with Ram. Ram succeeded in killing the hideous monster. The gods up in the heavens were greatly pleased with both brothers’ bravery. Vishwamitra took Ram to the Swayamvar of Princess Sita of Mithila, which was ruled by King Janaka and Queen Sunaina. In a swayamvar, there would be a difficult task that whoever finished would be given the princess in subject’s hand for marriage. In the courtroom, Ram was accompanied with Laxman, and just so happened to sit next to the evil king of Lanka, Ravana. Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva, and coincidentally, the task was to handle the great bow Lord Shiva that had never been picked up by any mortal. Ravana was brimming with ego and overconfidence as he had been worshipping Shiva his whole life. At the end, Ram was the only one able to lift the bow, and he was the one to wed
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