Ramen Noodles Research Paper

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Ramen: the typical college meal. The phenomenon that ramen noodles is highly consumed by college students exist because ramen noodles come at an outstanding price of under a dollar per pack. It is well-known that college is expensive and very few students do not have to worry about financial aid or how they are going to pay for tuition. To pay for tuition college students save money in various ways, such as buying ramen noodles. The financial struggle of trying to save money and pay for college is a struggle every average college student without rich parents or a full-ride scholarship knows. Even after setting up payment for tuition, college students still struggle with financial issues. The most prominent obstacle college students encounter when entering college is a lack of money because, even after paying for…show more content…
A lack of money is problematic for college students with tuition to pay, and even more so for college students that have to support their children or family and pay tuition at the same time. “When my financial aid came, I often had to lie and say I had no money. If I had given them the financial aid granted to me for my educational expenses, I would have had gas to get to school or money to buy books” (Beegle 142). Donna chose to pay for college instead of family. Her hardships relates to college students that have to provide children or family, leaving them with a deficit of money to pay for college. “We still had no health care and poor nutrition. Many nights our dinner was a spoonful of peanut butter” (Beegle 137). When entering college, Donna had to be somewhat financially stable and not have to worry about the cost of her living or children. When entering college, family responsibilities contribute to the financial obstacle college students
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