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There was once a boy named Peter Peterson and he had a very rich father who worked in the IRS and then retired to NASA. Peter was rich and spoiled by the money that his father made. His mom was a nice woman who was killed in a plane that was traveling to a meeting in Russia. His mom was an assistant for the CEO of the Dreamland Project. Years went by and the Peterson family was still rich. Peter was bored of being rich, so he decided to give back. He didn’t want his father to find out he was doing this, so he had to pick a fake name for him. Peter picked the name Ramen Thief after Momofuku Ando. He started right away and borrowed his dad’s private jet and went to his birthplace, North Dakota. He can travel around the country in 45 seconds.…show more content…
It was a small city with a 2000s touch to it. Ramen Thief magically made fresh hot bowl ramen to the people, they lined up by Ramen Thief’s van to get some hot ramen and the ramen cup. People said Peter has endless amounts of money because he probably spent a million dollars the past 3 hours handing handing out ramen. The hot ramen bowl is made out of a wood-like bowl, you can dry it off then use it to start a fire or other things. Also, some people say he cooks the fresh ramen in 5 seconds! One day when he was making ramen for an old homeless lady, when a man dressed in black came up to him and asked if he has any of those bowls left. Ramen Thief respond, “Sorry sir, but I don’t have any more of the bowls left”. Of course he was lying, but the guy in black was too smart to be fooled, so he just handed Ramen Thief a business card that says “Rocket Technician Labs, CEO: Nick Hilliker, Founder: Hagen Galerkin, www.RokcetTechLabs.com, and 701-356-0385”. When Ramen Thief looked up, he was gone. He calls himself The Guy in Black, but Ramen Thief knows exactly who he is. Nick was bothering him at night, so Peter decided to type in the URL in his computer and it brought him up to a rocket science page. It said on the screen “World’s Expensive and Best Quality Rocket Engine and Rocket Ship in the

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