Rameshwar Sangha Case Study

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Reasons for choosing Rameshwar Sangha: • We choose this leader because he has a positive attitude towards his life which we also need to learn. • We all sometimes somewhere are resistant to change so as a group we want to learn some tips that what can be done to accept change as change is the only constant thing. • We wanted to learn that how he managed to reach at such a position and being so successful as he was also an immigrant and it is very difficult for an immigrant to settle in another country. • To learn about the important values and ethics that he demonstrates as a leader. Rameshwar Sangha is at this moment working with the liberal party, the social affair which has directed government administrative issues for a ton of Canada 's history,…show more content…
Pioneers who have any sort of impact won 't put their occupations and security before the advantage of those they serve. • Be aware of the lure of power: It is delicate. It can affect any leader. Many representatives feed off the seduction of power. Inordinate leaders are servants. Their purpose is first to help others. • Sense of purpose: Your group comprehend what they do and how to do it, however you can have a major effect by sharing a solid feeling of why they 're doing it and where it 's heading. Offer them some assistance with developing an expansive comprehension of the group 's motivation, and confidence in how their part adds to the entirety. • Keep trying: Don’t exhaust yourself up when you don’t live up to your own potentials. Redirect and learn from those times when you misstep and fall over the other 10 resolutions. • Don’t be the smartest person in the room: Being a pioneer does not mean knowing more than any other person. Perceive, energize and advance others as specialists. Give them the trust and self-sufficiency to be innovative and do incredible
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