Hatshepsut Swot Analysis

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Introduction- What significant
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Well researched site with a few references, showing the information was well-researched and most likely correct. This information is presented objectively and without bias, and has supporting sources of information that is valid to the question.
There are no comparisons made between her and Ramesses II so own conclusions must be made by comparing facts. Also, has more information regarding her personal life than leadership style, although some information regarding this has been provided. This information is objective and impartial and free of emotion-rousing words and bias.

Biography, 2015. What did Hatshepsut do for Egypt. Available from: http://www.biography.com/people/hatshepsut-9331094#death-and-legacy [Accessed 15 April 2015]

Source 8
At the end of Seti I (Ramesses II’s father) reign, Hittites were firmly established at Kadesh until Ramesses II had a successful battle there with an army of 20 000 people split into 4 divisions. The Egyptians were almost defeated but were joined by the Simyra task force and won the battle. However, they did not manage to take Kadesh despite having won. In his 10th year of reign he conquered Hittite’s regions, Alexandretta and Tunip.
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