Ramesses II: The Longest Reign

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Introduction 2-3
Review of Literature 4-7
Process of findings (Source-based Essay- Rough Draft) 8-13
References List 14-15

Introduction- What significant factors led to Ramesses the Great being known as the Pharaoh with the longest Reign?
Aim: To determine why Ramesses II was titled the ‘Great’ and to identify the factors that led him to rule Egypt for the longest reign as well as the factors that led to this reign being considered as successful.
Essential Argument: Ramesses II lived an exceptionally long life, especially during the time of Ancient Egypt. He was already successfully established as a suitable leader before becoming Pharaoh as he was the commander of the army. Also, he had his people’s full love and support behind him. These factors contributed and will be argued that this led to his reign being the longest as well as successful.
Context: There are several
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