Ramesses: The Most Successful Leader Of The Ancient Egypt

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Ramesses was arguably the most successful leader in the historic world, particularly ancient egypt.
Ramesses II was the ruler of egypt from 1279-1213 BC.
Ramesses II ruled for many years in which he excelled in architecture, and had hundreds of children with many different wives.
Ramesses was one of the greatest leaders of all time.
Ramesses II started his reign at a very young age. After his father died, Ramesses was left with a very big task; to rule egypt.
Ramesses assumed the throne at a very young age, following his fathers death.
Starting very young, “Ramesses was the son of Seti I and Queen Tuya and accompanied his father on military campaigns in Libya and Palestine at the age of 14.” (Mark II)
Being one of the youngest leaders of ancient Egypt, “After the death of Seti I in 1290 BCE, Ramesses assumed the throne and at once began military campaigns to restore the borders of Egypt and ensure trade routes.” (Mark 2)
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Right after his father died, “The young kings first duty was to bury his father, Seti I, in the latters sumptuous tunnel-tomb hidden away deep in the valley of the kings in the desert hills on the west bank at Thebes.” (pharaoh Ramesses II, 1)
Ramesses did not start his reign too hot, for example, “The earlier part of Ramesses II’s reign included largely unsuccessful wars with the hittites and more successful wars in Nubia.” (Ramesses II)
Before he had known it, Ramesses was already becoming a very successful ruler of egypt, only roughly 2 decades into his

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