An Essay On Why I Deserve A Scholarship

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Ramiah Family Foundation Scholarship I believe that part of my qualification for the Ramiah Family Foundation Scholarship lies in the amount of passion I have put into my studies and work. I have attempted to represent myself with integrity in all aspects of my life whether that be through attending rigorous schools, volunteering and applying myself in the community, or planning towards the future. If asked if I believe I deserve this scholarship as reward for this commitment I would gladly have to admit that I do not believe this is the case. My reasoning behind answering this way is that I have already found great reward in the pride that comes in putting the amount of work into your pursuits as you wish to receive from it. With this I believe I have gained tremendous success and pay off from the avenues I have chosen to apply myself. While they may be taken for granted by others I appreciate the reward of having gained endless support and acknowledgement from my peers and superiors,…show more content…
I believe this scholarship would grant me a real shot at a challenging and bountiful career and the ability to help others who have faced adversities and the community at whole. I am interested in gaining a PhD in psychology and taking several courses in languages and the arts so I can apply them to a career path while having a broadened and well rounded outlook on life. I hope to be able to study abroad if possible and do developmental work in a country that will dare me to evolve as a person. A deserving candidate for this scholarship, as I interpret it, has a passion for knowledge and is dedicating themselves to earning their degree and bettering the community. The goals I have held myself accountable for since a young age include going to college and earning my degree.Along the way I have worked to develop a dedicated, hard working

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