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Ramona Singer was recently fired from Lux Beauty Club, but of course, this star of The Real Housewives of New York City is speaking out now and has her own side of this story. Us Magazine shared the news about what happened and what Ramona Singer had to say about it all. The news came out at first that Ramona was fired for her "diva behavior."

Now Ramona Singer is speaking out and giving her side. She wants to make sure everyone knows that she doesn 't feel like her behavior was really the "diva behavior" they are saying.

"If being a 'diva ' is asking to be paid for work done, then everyone should be a diva. I didn 't know by asking to be paid for the work that I have done and fulfilling my contractual obligations makes me a diva. They clearly can 't afford to pay me and have no capital. I have been duped. Had they paid me, we would not be in this situation."
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She helped to get press for them and even posted about them on social networks. Ramona helped them a lot by talking about them on WWHL and Jenny McCarthy 's radio show. Instead of paying her what they should have paid her, Ramona Singer shared that she only got paid $1,000 from them. Ramona had big plans to have her role with them as a big part of the show, which would have been huge press for Lux Beauty Club.

Page Six shared the other version of the story, though. Victoria Flores, who set up the Lux Beauty Club before bringing Singer into the company, shared her own side of the story. Flores sent an e-mail to Ramona explaining her thoughts. Here is how it all started.

"We were incredibly disappointed with your attitude at Harmons and our [return on investment] on you has been less than overwhelming. I can’t build a business with someone that fights me on everything I need them to do, and I want to partner with people that care about my business and are not motivated by blinding greed. This isn’t working out for me

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