Ramzi Yousef's Attack On The World Trade Center

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Introduction: Despite popular belief, the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center was not the first. On February 26, 1993 a truck filled with nearly a ton of explosives drove into the basement of the north tower of the world trade center and was detonated. The explosion destroyed several layers of concrete sub layers and caused a total of 6 deaths and more than 1000 injuries. The explosion also caused the power in the world trade center to shut down, including the emergency lights, following the explosion. It was discovered that the intention of the bomb was to park the bomb at just the right location in the basement of the north tower, so that when the bomb exploded it would cause the tower to lean and fall into the south tower, effectively…show more content…
He graduated from Swansea Institute in Wales where he studied electrical engineering, as well as Oxford where he leaved to greatly improve his English skills. Yousef was a member of Al Quaeda and trained in one of their Alfganistan training camps prior to his attack of the world trade center. Ramzi Yousef, completing his training in 1991, snuck in to the US illegally in 1992 by using a forged Iraqi passport. He then began his plans to remove the US as a form of aid to Israel though means of written demands, fear, and terrorist actions. Yousef set up his base of operations in New Jersey so that he could be within driving distance of his target but far enough away to not arouse the suspicion of local authorities. There he would meet with other members to construct the bomb while receiving funding from his uncle Khaled sheikh Mohammed, who was his uncle (Parachini…show more content…
This means that it is a fertilizer-based bomb that is commonly used among countries like Iraq and Pakistan to create weapons that need to be constructed near the target area. The 1300-pound bomb was placed in a van and delivered to the world trace center around noon. Eyad Ismoil then lit the 20-foot long fuse and then fled the scene. The explosion blew nearly a 100-foot hole in the base of the north tower and killed 6 people instantly. Power for the building immediately was lost for the buildings for several hours following the explosion. Six people were instantly killed and more than 100 were seriously injured (Manning

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